About Us:

Whether you are searching for a property, selling your property or looking for a new career opportunity, Choosing RED BRICKS REALTY SERVICES means you choose success.At RED BRICKS REALTY SERVICES we equalize the cost of services provided to our agents by creating a menu of services that the agent may choose from and is responsible for. This model is similar to that used by associations of lawyers and doctors where these professionals share a portion of the costs involved in running their business but receive 100% of the income they generate. It is this simple shift in approach where the red bricks realty services agent receives 100% commission for being accountable and responsible for their costs of business that has made red bricks realty services Simply put, it is a model designed by real estate people.

There will be more challenges and opportunities that face the real estate industry in the next two to three years than it has experienced in the last twenty years.RED BRICKS REALTY SERVICES serves the full life cycle of owning and living in a home: buying, selling, renting, and more. It starts with RED BRICKS REALTY SERVICES, as well as home values, Rent and other home-related information. operates the most popular suite of mobile real estate apps.


      RED BRICKS REALTY SERVICES stands for Real Estate Maximums - Maximum satisfaction for clients, agents, owners. self-employed negotiators to retain the majority share of commissions on their individual sales.


      RED Our vision RED BRICKS REALTY, Develop premium quality real estate red bricks realty services system, providing sustained value to end users and community. Be recognized and respected as a Leader of Innovation and Sustainability in the region.